Dolmøya and Frohavet - a diving - and spearfishing eldorado!

Dolmsundet and the surrounding area is an extraordinary diving and spearfishing destination. Here you have an opportunity to experience amazing drift dives, wreck dives, nature dives, and successful spearfishing and hunting dives.

Dolmsundet Marina’s location for scuba diving and spearfishing is outstanding, only a 10 min boat ride to large spearfishing grounds on the east side of Dolmøya next to Ilsøya. It’s a spearfishing paradise at a perfect depth of 6 to 10 meters, where you can hunt for most fish and shellfish species in a sheltered geographical area.

The most common species are Halibut, Cod, Coalfish, Monkfish, Haddock, Tusk, Turbot, Plaice; European Flounder, Mackrel, Salmon, Seatrout, Wolf-fish, Redfish, Herring, Pollack, Tuna, Ling Cod, Short-Spined Sea Scorpion, Scallops, Blue Mussels and Brown Crab.

When the weather gets rough, you can go to the West side of Dolmøya and dive sheltered by islets and islands. There are also great diving areas around Hjertøya and Dolmøya West. A little further out is Bærøya which has a spectacular illuminated cave cathedral. Available by boat.

Drift Dives

Dolmsudet Marina is located just a couple of minues away from Vættastrumen and Storstraumen currents. Vættastraumen flows under the old Dolmøy bridge at a 15 meters depth. It is characterized as a very safe and fantastic dive with lush nature and large quantities of fish. A great dive for beginners. Located just 1 minute by boat from Dolmsundet Marina. Storstraumen current is located at the outlet of the Barmfjord and is an exciting and fast dive for advanced divers.

The left side of the outlet has a big wall of corals. Storstraumen is located approx. 5 minutes by boat from us.

Wreck Diving

MS Sandsvalen or Sandy Hook as it was called in the the movie Orion’s Belt is our House Wreck. It is moored at 25 meters depth, located at the end of our marina. We inherited Sandy Hook from Svalbard's most notorious polar bear hunter and trapper Per Johnsen. Writer Jon Michelet’s was inspired by his buddy Per while writing the novel Orion’s Belt. To find the ship, go to the end of the floating dock and then follow the dock’s anchor chain down to the ship.

MS Kletten is a wreck located in Sjællandet near Dolmsundet. The ship was hired by the Norwegian Public Roads Agency to transport gravel for road construction in Hitra. During a storm in 1986 the wessel shipwrecked, North of Ansnes on the northeast side of Hitra. The wreck is beautifully decorated by corals and it is a fun wreck dive, suitable for inexperienced divers. Penetration is also possible for more experienced divers. Dive depth 9-20 meters and it is located on sand and rock formations. Available by boat at position 63 ° 23 '34 "N, 8 ° 35' 35" Ø

We offer dive guides, boat rentals, air filling and boat transport on request. In Norway it’s allowed for divers to hunt for fish and shellfish. Note that catching lobsters is prohibited by law! If you don't have your own diving equipment, you can rent in Trondheim at Havsport Dykkersenter.

For non-fishing and diving guests, we offer guided adventure activities such as hiking, deer & eagle safaris, island hopping by RIB, local culinary experiences, historical tours and Viking games.

“This area and this island are an underrated holiday and leisure area. Here you'll find fantastic scenery both above and below water. On one of my dives I harpooned a big monkfish! We also picked many crabs and scallops, and we made wonderful dinners of our own catch.” Jens Stoltenberg

In the summer of 2008, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and his sons visited Hitra. Stoltenberg is an avid sport diving enthusiast and spent parts of his vacation diving in Hitra's crystal clear waters. Our dive partner, Havsport's Kaj Sjøli guided the Prime Minister and friends to some fantastic dives. Coffee and waffle break at Dolmsundet Marina after diving in perfect surroundings.


Upon arrival, all our guests will receive an A3 laminated nautical chart covering the surrounding areas. Guests who wants to buy original nautical maps for larger areas,  3 maps are needed to cover the nautical area around Hitra and Frøya.

Nautical boating charts can be purchased at Kartbutikken. Paper maps, electronic paper maps, electronic navigational charts and updates of nautical charts can be bought at Kartverket.

Code of Conduct for Safe Boating

Think safety first
Knowledge and planning reduce risks and promote well-being.

Bring the necessary equipment
The equipment must be kept in order and be readily available.

Respect the weather and waters
Use the boat under appropriate and safe conditions only.

Follow the Norwegian rules of the road at sea
Provisions regarding the right of way, speed and use of lights must be complied with.

Use a personal flotation device
Wearing a personal flotation device is required on board recreational craft of less than 8 metres in length. Suitable personal flotation devices shall be available for all persons on board recreational craft of 8 metres and upwards.

Be well-rested and sober
The maximum legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.8 for operators of recreational craft of less than 15 metres in length.

Be considerate
We are all responsible for safety, environment and well-being.

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