Terms & conditions

This document defines the general booking and payment terms relating to orders made at Dolmsundet Marina AS with Norwegian Reg. 921 567 847 and Dolmsundet AS (reg.no 945 531 533) with registered office address, Dolmsundveien 28, 7250 Melandsjø.

1. Ordering

You make your order by calling, sending a telephone, e-mail or writing to us, and preferably give us several preferable options. If the desired accommodation is rented out, we will offer vacant housing of similar standard.

2. Accommodations

All of our residences are equipped with normal kitchen equipment, beds with duvets and pillows shower / bath and WC. Otherwise, final cleaning, life jackets and electricity are included in the prices.

3. Rental period

The homes and cabins are rented on a weekly basis during the season. Different changeover days depending on the accommodation. Check out at 11.00. Check-in: 15.00 to 18:00. Besides Dolmsundet Lodge, check-out at 10.00 - arrival at. 17.00 o’clock. Other check-in/check-out times by appointment only.

4. Payment

When booking, you will receive an invoice for the deposit (30% of total price) together with confirmation / rental invoice. The due date of the deposit is set 14 days after receipt of confirmation / rental invoice. When deposit payment has been made, the order is accepted and valid. Balance payment must be paid no later than 2 months before arrival.

A detailed checklist for the place of residence and a map for your area of ​​residence are also attached to the invoice for remaining payment. If booking later than 2 months prior to arrival, the total rental price must be paid as soon as possible. If you wish to change the order, this can be done for a change fee of NOK 250, -.

5. Cancellation

The booking can be canceled according to the following rules. If cancellation occurs;

- Up to 49 days before the start of the rental, Dolmsundet Marina AS / Dolmsundet AS accrues 30% of the rental price.
- from 48 to 30 days before the start of the rental Dolmsundet Marina AS / Dolmsundet AS accrues 50% of the rental price.
- after 30 days before the start of the lease, Dolmsundet Marina AS / Dolmsundet AS accrues 90% of the rental price.

The official cancellation date is the date when we receive the written cancellation.

6. Complaint

Should there be something wrong with the accommodation and / or boat on arrival, we ask that we be notified within 24 hours of arrival. Complaints received after this deadline cannot be expected to claim any compensation for the deficiencies.

7. Tenants/guests’s liability

The guest/tenant is financially responsible for all damage to equipment belonging to the place of residence, including boat »motor and the like. If anything is damaged, we ask that the LANDLORD or Dolmsundet Marina AS / Dolmsundet AS to be notified as soon as possible. Final cleaning of the residence is inclusive, but guests are responsible for ensuring that kitchen equipment, boat and the equipment is cleaned on departure. Otherwise it is not allowed to sleep in the beds without bed linen.

8. Minimum objectives / safety / boat certificate

All guests must accept our minimum size for different fish species as well as our safety rules. Everyone on board the boat must wear a float suit, or at least a lifejacket found at the place of residence.

Boat shall under no circumstances be carried by Persons affected by alcohol or other intoxicants. It is not allowed to use the boat after dark, and any prohibited areas of speed must be observed by the boat's driver. You will also receive detailed security information and other relevant information upon arrival.

Boat driver's license is required by a boat driver with engines over 25 hp and / or greater than 8 meters long. This only applies to persons born after 01.01.80.

Please note that guests who do not comply with our minimum fishing size rules as well as our safety rules will have their boat key withdrawn and suspended.

9. Change in prices

We reserve the right to change our prices due to changes in local taxes.

10. Travel guarantee fund

Dolmsundet Marina AS and Dolmsundet AS are members of the Travel Guarantee Fund.
See www.rgf.no

Boat & engine info

We ask all guests to familiarize themselves with the rules and recommendations that apply when using a boat.


When taking over a boat we ask you to pay attention to the service person and read the information given to you upon arrival regarding about how to use of the boat, engine and equipment in the boat. Checklists, which if desired can be used for takeover.

Remember to check carefully if, for example, the propeller is damaged and if there is minor damage of some kind - have this written on the checklist before signing. If this is done, we avoid any discussions upon return of the boat.

Keep in mind that cold engines do not run full throttle right away. The engine needs to be warmed up. Therefore, start the engine as soon as you get on board - then move your equipment that you are going to bring on board. We recommend max. 4 persons in boats up to 20 feet, and 6 Pers. in boats from 22-28 feet.

Injury / insurance.

The tenant/renter is responsible for all damage caused to the boat / engines and other equipment included in the rent. All boats are insured.

Diesel boats - deductible NOK 10,000
Gasoline boats - deductible NOK 10,000

With 25 boats in the boat park, there will always be periods of engine problems. For minor defects that can be repaired within 24 hours, no replacement boat is required. For long-term repair, we will try our best to help get a replacement boat of at least the same standard, but in the worst-case scenario this may be a somewhat smaller boat / engine.


When renting a boat, the tenant must pay a deposit. Carefully check the boat / engine / equipment when taking over, and demand that a checklist be submitted for signature, where any deficiencies / damage has been caused. The deposit will of course be refunded on departure unless the boat engine or boat is damaged. In case of damage, the deposit covers transport to the boat repair workshop, raising costs, minor repairs and work on any new bottom paint.