Welcome to Domsundet Marina!

Dolmsundet Marina & Dolmsundet Lodge is located in the fishing and diving paradise of the Hitra Archipelago in Mid-Norway. We invite you to explore and discover our crystal clear cold waters and experience diverse marine life by fishing, diving or spearfishing.

The fishing and diving adventures in Hitra are truly unique, due to the share amount of species and the diversity of fish, shellfish and marine life. This is the only area in Norway where you can experience multi species fishing and explore this exceptional marine diversity by fishing and diving in the protected waters of the Hitra Archipelago.

We offer different types of accommodation, from very simple self-service cottages, seaside apartments to a luxury lodge with its private dock. Various boat rentals to suit your needs. Air filling for diving. Chef, skipper and guiding services upon request.


Phone: +47 99 01 25 58
e-mail: post@dolmsundet-marina.no
7250 Melandsjø

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Værvarsel for Dolmsundet, Hitra (Trøndelag)

Dolmsundet, Hitra (Trøndelag) Nedbør Temp. Vind Vindstyrke
04.03.2021 23–24 Skyet 0 mm Lett bris fra nordvest 4 m/s
05.03.2021 00–06 Skyet 0 mm -1° Lett bris fra nord-nordvest 4 m/s
06–12 Skyet 0 mm -1° Svak vind fra vest 2 m/s
12–18 Regn 2 mm Laber bris fra vest-sørvest 7 m/s
18–24 Kraftig regn 8 mm Liten kuling fra vest-sørvest 11 m/s

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