Gadus morhua (Latin)
Cod (UK)
Cabillaud, Morue (F)
Dorsch, Kabeljau (D)

Sesong: Norsk-arktisk torsk (skrei): Januar-april
Loddetorsk (vårtorsk): April-juni
Kysttorsk: Hele året
Størrelse: Opptil 150 cm

The fish/fishery
Cod is one of the most common and economically important marine fishes. Cod is widespread in the North Atlantic and there are two main types: migratory, oceanic cod and the coastal cod. Coastal cod is a demersal fish, while the migratory cod is pelagic. The most important cod stock  is the Norwegian Arctic cod ¬ (cod). It spends most of its life in the Barents Sea, but migrate both as a juvenile, and spawning cod (cod). Skrei areas ranging from Finnmark to the City, but the main spawning grounds are off Lofoten. Skrei fishing is still the most important seasonal fishery; Lofoten Fishery. Young cod in the Barents Sea migrate for spawning capelin towards the coast of Finnmark in the spring. It will be called vertical cod and is the basis for the traditional solder cod ¬ fishery. Coastal cod is similar to the cod in the Barents Sea, but is more in shallow water. It is found from the intertidal zone down to approx. 600 m The large cod stocks in the Barents Sea is in good growth and are harvested annually from 450 to 500, 000 tons of this stock. Some other places are the cod stock in poor condition. Cod farming is increasing.

Season: Norwegian Arctic cod (cod): January to April
Solder Cod (vårtorsk): April to June
Coastal cod: All year

Size: Up to 150 cm

Fishing methods
Bottom trawl, seines, lines, nets, handlines, pots.