Latin: Psetta maximus
Engelsk: Turbot
Fransk: Turbot
Tysk: Steinbutt

Turbot is a flatfish belonging Scophthalmidae family and shaped flat and round. It is found from the intertidal zone down to about 80 meters depth, and are often partially buried in the seabed of sand, gravel, rock and sediment. Turbot is most active during the summer. Turbot is a predator, and adulthood mainly feed on other fish and various crustaceans. Males become sexually mature at three years of age, female four years old.

Up to 1 meter

More than 20 years

The best fishing in the North Sea, the banks off the coast of North Jutland. Turbot fish with seines, bottom trawls and bottom nets. It’s turbot season all year. Much of turbot that is sold in Europe comes from farming, mainly from southern Europe. In Norway, production is small because turbot needs relatively warm water.