Winter Fishing in Norway

This past Christmas, journalist and competition fishermen Michail Dyshlyuk and his wife Yulia from Moscow visited Dolmsundet Marina. They chose to spend their Christmas and New Year holiday winter fishing at Dolmsundet. They drove from Moscow to Helsinki and took the ferry to Stockholm, then drove north past Åre to Hitra. For those who enjoy both fishing and skiing this is a great opportunity to combine a family ski and fishing holiday in Åre and Dolmsundet.

Yulia & Michail Dyshlyuk

Yulia & Michail Dyshlyuk

Michael and Yulia arrived in Dolmsundet at full moon and it was relatively calm and clear weather. Full moon creates somewhat unpredictable fishing conditions due to strong current and the fish can migrate to other places than normal. They systematically fished all the summer spots, but did not have much fishing luck. But Michel and Yulia had a strategic fishing plan ready, they wanted to fish for the great ling. The ling is a fish species that dosen’t travel or migrate, but a territorial and a residential species that you can fish all year and is located in the deep waters at 100-400 meters. When Michail and Yulia began to focus on the ling fishing grounds east of Dolmsundet the fishing luck returned with some big catches. Julie caugt a ling at 13.5 kg and Michel caught a ling at 12.5 kg. They fished several lings of respectable size and was very pleased with the winter fishing.

If you like to read more about winter fishing and how to catch a trophy ling at Dolmsundet Marina, please read Michail’s great article on Winter Fishing in Norway on his blog

Michail Dyshlyuk - MolvaМихаил Дышлюк - Молва

Michail Dyshlyuk – Molva
Михаил Дышлюк – Молва