Brown Crab

Latin: Cancer pagurus
Engelsk: Brown crab
Fransk: Tourteau
Tysk: Taschenkrebs, Kurzschwanz-Krebs

Brown crab, the most common crab species in Norway, living along the Norwegian coast up to Troms, at depths down to 50 meters. It thrives in salty sea with hard bottom, but also migrate into the shell sand and clay sometimes rocky bottom. In winter the crab wanders to warmer, deeper water. Crab reaches sexual maturity after about seven years, and it spawns in the fall. The female carries the eggs under its tail through the winter until they hatch in the summer. Crab larvae driver around in the ocean for the first four to six weeks before they settle on the bottom. As the crab grow it must change shells, and mature crabs moult in autumn. Crab feed on dead fish, mussels and worms. To crush the hard shell crabs are equipped with with a kind teeth in its stomach.

Up to 6 pounds and 30 inches above the shield

Probably up to 20 years

Crab fishing is done in the fall and winter, since then the quality is best and the crab is most abundant meat. The tools are traps or nets.