Latin: Nephrops norvegicus
Engelsk: Norway lobster, langoustine eller Dublin Bay Prawns
Fransk: Langoustine
Tysk: Keisergranat, Norwgischer Schlankhummer, Tiefseehummer

Sea crawfish is a member of the lobster family. It is found along the coast of Morocco and all the way up to the west of Lofoten in the North and around Iceland and the United Kingdom. They live from 20 to 800 meters, on soft bottoms where it can dig burrows. The kidney-shaped eyes, which has also given its Latin name (Nephrops norvegicus), are very sensitive to light. It spends so much time in the cave. It is only outside during night or during the day at depths where there is little light. Crayfish spawn in summer, and the female carries the eggs during 1000-5000 tail in about 9 months before the larvae float freely in the sea from 11 to 60 days

Up to 25 centimeters

Up to 15 years

Crawfish is being fished with crayfish pots or trawl. Some are also caught as bycatch in shrimp trawls.