Flat Oysters

Latin: Ostrea edulis
Engelsk: Flat oyster, Common oyster
Fransk: Huître plate
Tysk: Auster

The flat oyster is the only oyster that occurs naturally in Norway, and it is the one that is most in demand in Europe. In addition, you can also buy the so-called Pacific oysters or dypøsters, which is easier to farm. Flat oysters can be found in solar-heated pools and in shallow areas north to Trøndelag. A water temperature of around 15 degrees is in fact a precondition for the oysters being able to change sex from male to female. Oyster builds up roe and milt from spring until spawning in late summer, but they only spawn if the temperature is high enough. The eggs are fertilized inside the shell, and the larvae remain there for one week before they leave their mother. Then they are free-swimming until they attach to a substrate for the rest of their lives. Today, fry is being produced in hatcheries or in combination of oyster hatchery and pool.

Up to 15 centimeters in diameter

Generally 8 to 10 years, could be 20 years

Oysters harvested by divers or by means of a rake with splash. The season is all year round but oysters are best in the fall, winter and spring.