Latin: Sebastes marinus/Sebastes mantella
Engelsk: Redfish
Fransk: Sébaste/Chèvre
Tysk: Rotbarsch/Goldbarsch

Redfish live along the continental slope at 100-500 m depth, but it is also captured at 900 meters. It feeds mainly on crustaceans and fish. Sexually mature redfish have their feeding grounds in the Barents Sea, where mating takes place from August to October. The eggs are fertilized, however first in February-March. It lays no eggs like most other fish, but give birth to live offspring instead. These are born in deep water and then is 5-7 mm long.

Up to 1 meter and 15 kg

Over 60 years

Redfish are caught primarily as bycatch in many parts of the Norwegian economic zone and in the Svalbard zone. Since redfish are on the list of threatened species, the directed fishery for redfish strictly regulated. When permitted, the redfish are fished with nets, trawls and seines, mainly in Northern Norway.