Anarhichas spp. (Latin)
Wolffish, catfish (UK)
Loup de mer (F)
Katfisch (D)

The fish/fishery
The characteristic jaw of this species is a natural fit for catfish menu consisting of sea urchins, clams, snails and crabs. Atlantic wolf-fish (Anarhichas lupus) occurs mainly in rocky areas with seaweed, during the spawning period, often right up to the shoreline. Spawning takes place in the months of November to February at 40 – 200 m depth, the earliest in Northern and later in Southern areas. Spotted wolf (Anarhichas minor) is more prevalent in the Arctic. Fishery in the Barents Sea and the northern Norwegian banks. Catfish is now also farmed.

Season: All year

Size: Up to 120 cm

Fishing methods
Bottom trawling, bottom line, bottom nets.