Engelsk: Plaice
Fransk: Plie, Carrelet
Tysk: Goldbutt, Scholle
Latin: Pleuronectes platessa

Plaice is a flatfish that can be recognized by the gray or brown and smooth the surface with many red spots. It lives in relatively shallow water in the North Sea, but can go down to 250 meters depth. They eat clams, echinoderms and other benthic organisms. Plaice is regarded as a territorial species, but when the spawning time approaches may undertake long migrations to specific spawning grounds. The main spawning grounds for plaice in the North Sea south of the Dogger Bank, where it stays between November and April. The fry swim freely in the sea, and is not flat fish until they are 15 millimeters long. When seeking the down and live the rest of your life on the bottom.

Up to 50 centimeters and one kilogram

20 years

Flounder fishing with bottom trawls, seines or bottom yarn from July to December.