Latin: Pollachius pollachius
Engelsk: Pollack
Fransk: Lieu jaune
Tysk: Pollack, Steinköhler

Pollack is a member of the cod family, and differs from the coalfish with a prominent lower jaw. In addition, the bass is dark and curved lateral line, while it is light and almost right on the Pollock. Pollack lives in schools down to depths of 200 m, mainly along the coast of the South and West. It eats crustaceans, herring, sprat and sandeel. The fish spawn in the spring and the eggs hatch after six days. In winter it travels to deeper and warmer water.

Up to 1.3 meters and 20 kilograms

Up to 8 years

Pollack is usually taken as bycatch of cod fishing with nets, trawls or trolling.