Latin: Molva molva
Engelsk: Ling
Fransk: Lingue
Tysk: Leng

Ling got its name because it has an elongated body. This is a cod fish that occur in the 60 to 1000 meters depths, but is most common at 300 to 400 meters. It thrives best in areas with rocky bottom and feed on other fish like cod, flounder, herring, and lobster and starfish. In Norway it is found between Stadt and Vesterålen. Young fish remain in deep waters near the coast. From here it travels out to the spawning grounds in the North Sea and in the area north of the British Isles.

Up to 2 meters and 40 kg

Probably up to 30 years

Ling primarily is fished with wire or twine along the edge, but it is also caught partly in deep fjords. Ling is fished all year, also caught as bycatch in other fisheries.