Hippoglossus hippoglossus (Latin)
Altlantic halibut (UK)
Flétan de l’Atlantique (F)
Heilbutt (D)

The fish/fishery
Halibut is the largest of all the flatfish with eyes on the gray side and a white blind side. Juveniles are found along the coast in relatively shallow water, while large halibut usually stay at 300 – 2 000 m depths. Spawning takes place at 300 – 700 m in deep pits on banks along the coast and in the fjords. Important spawning areas adjacent to the Norwegian coast, the Faroe Islands, on the ridge between Greenland, Iceland and Scotland, in the Denmark Strait, Davis Strait and on the Newfoundland banks. Halibut is a species that is very sensitive to taxation, it is locally based, slow growing and late maturing. In addition to minimum mesh size and limited fishing for halibut using nets, trawls, seines and other fixed equipment is prohibited between 20 December to 31 March. After many years of research and development the halibut is established as a fish farming breeding species.

Season: April to December
Size: Up to 3 meters. Weight up to 300 kg.

Fishing methods
Long line, bottom nets.