Latin: Brosme brosme
Engelsk: Tusk/cusk
Fransk: Brosme
Tysk: Lumb

Tusk has a taste similar to lobster. Since the flesh is firm, you can easily bbq the tusk on the grill, bake in the oven or cook it in small pieces in the wok. In Norway the tusk is common in the deepest fjords in the west and along the continental slope. It is found at 50-1000 meters, but  usually between 200-500 meters. The tusk seeks hard and deep areas, and live in the same place throughout its life. Tusk is mature when it is between eight and ten years, and spawn from April to June off the coast of southern and central Norway and in an area between Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Up to 1 meter and 9 kg

Over 20 years

The Norwegian tusk fishing takes place throughout the year, mainly to the north along the edge to about 72 degrees North. Fishing in the South is exercised mainly by the bank longline fleet from More og Romsdal.